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Finally…A Novel

Finally graduated from short stories and was able to stay focussed long enough to write something novel length. Even though I haven’t been to either of these lovely places in awhile, they are evidently still very much on my mind. See under “Literary Works” for a full description.

My 40th Book!

My thanks to all who have offered encouragement after reading some of my earlier time travel stories ….. Looking back on an academic career in economics and history, it’s a shame so many years had to be spent writing about things that actually happened! . In this anthology of short stories, adventurers travel back in […]

Anthology of Time Travel Short Stories Published

The twenty stories in this collection involve travel back in time where voyagers attempt to change only individual lives and small communities. As a result, do major events remain undisturbed? This theme is explored with surprising mixed outcomes. Imaginative templates include a cave on the dark side of the moon, the ocean floor, a 22 […]

New Poetry Collection

Paths can be crude or dusty like trails in a forest, smooth like paved roads, or intellectually gratifying like scholarly disciplines, influential books, or noteworthy people. The poems in this collection address these and other either direction-driven or serendipitous sources that may impact life pursuits and decisions. 

New Book of Poems

Wonder is a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar or inexplicable. This collection of poems aims to identify situations when appreciation of wonder can reach either actual or metaphorical pinnacle.

New Poetry Anthology Published

WHEN LEAVES FALL UPON THE WINDING ROAD Poems in this anthology are inspired by a love of history, geography, and astronomy as well as a fascination with trains, preference for small town life, and recollection of personal experiences. While many voice optimism and occasional humor, some lament the current state of the human condition.

New Short Story Collection—New Genre!!—Available on Amazon

An intriguing aspect of time travel plots is how the trip happens: time machine? interdimensional space-time portal? instant teleportation? awakening from a deep sleep? This collection of short stories explores different templates for getting there as well as what happens upon arrival. It also addresses in some hopefully innovative ways to what extent existing events […]