My 40th Book!

My thanks to all who have offered encouragement after reading some of my earlier time travel stories ….. Looking back on an academic career in economics and history, it’s a shame so many years had to be spent writing about things that actually happened!


In this anthology of short stories, adventurers travel back in time to: a college campus in 1900, ancient Greece at the time of Socrates, Elba Island where Napoleon is exiled in 1815, Bronze Age Poland, a small Texas town in 1948, and a Michigan village just prior to the 1929 stock market crash. Others travel to the future: an Eastern European man misses the Soviet Empire collapse in the early 1990s, a 1970s era jet setter arrives in 21st century Hong Kong ruled by authoritarian China, and a young science teacher discovers lush vegetation has replaced the desert in 26th century Africa. Crises are confronted: Can a young boy who sees the future prevent deadly accidents? Will a team of divers be able to stop sailors from boarding a ship destined to sink in Lake Superior? What effect will prevention of an assassination have on the underlying hatred that motivated it?

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