My Best Stories — Now Available on Amazon!!

Published by Distant Echo Press, 2017 Available from

Carefully selected from over 100 published short stories, this collection offers readers a sample of the written work produced during the career of a talented yet often overlooked author. An astute blend of solemnity and humor, specific topics include unique views on major historical events, small town life, racial conflict and harmony, blatantly scandalous behavior, uncommon situations, and unpredictability in romance. The stories are set in places as varied as Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, northern California, and Asia. Their characters are as diverse as Buddy Holly and a man who flew before the Wright Brothers. Readers of these stories will see the world through the hopeful eyes of courageous refugees, innocent orphans, and dedicated teachers. They will also witness the carnage resulting from the always unprincipled and often treacherous minds of wicked pirates, pedophile priests, and inept overpaid university administrators.

My Best Stories

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