Books Now Featured in “Rare Bookstores” in the U. S. and Europe!!!

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IT’S INEVITABLE!!!! After being around awhile, an author’s books start to appear in bookstores that specialize in “Rare Books”. Does this mean your work has become “collectible” or, more likely, that so few copies have been sold that a fair number of the original print run remain in print? Recently, rare bookstores in many locations in the UK, Germany, Ohio, New Jersey, Chicago, Indiana, and, yes, even my home state of Michigan are offering special sales of my books at discount prices. The same is true of online sources like Amazon and others (for a complete list of these sources, see “Joseph E. Pluta Links” on this web page). Want to read fiction about life in Michigan small towns? Or non-fiction about human progress and forces that have opposed it throughout history? This may be a last chance until I write more. Yes, for all the many of you who have purchased one or more of my earlier five literary works, more is on the way. Thank you for your interest in my work.

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