The Marginal Gospel


The 19th century marginalist revolution, led by Alfred Marshall and others, has indeed become the dominant methodology of today’s economics profession. This book presents that methodology with numerous examples drawn from the world of industry in an easy to read style that requires no previous knowledge of the subject.

Its title is intentionally irreverent. Concepts are presented in a manner that is virtually identical to the way they are explained by those who do regard them to be the gospel of the discipline. The profession today, however, often emphasizes rigor over relevance and does not adequately address economic problems in need of solution. The word “marginal” has (at least) two meanings. It is often defined as “of questionable value” or as “of dubious significance”. Most economists use it to mean “change”, especially a small change that can have important results. From this group comes the phrase “reasoning at the margin”. It is up to the reader to decide which of the two meanings best pertains to the material presented in this book.

The Marginal Gospel cover


Author Joseph E. Pluta
Publisher CAT Publishing Company
Release Date 2013
Genre Economics
Length 245 pages
Paperback ISBN 978-1-56226-655-4

Where to Find:

  • CAT Publishing Company,   Palo Cedro California

3 Responses to “The Marginal Gospel”

  1. Eileen Shales November 16, 2013 at 1:26 am #

    Instructors! Looking for an inexpensive book that covers micro principles better than the best selling texts? This one will work. Beautifully written, up to date, rigorous, and proven in classrooms in several university settings. A multiple award-winning teacher has produced a book that has it all. Great chapters on elasticity, the market structures, and the economic role of government. Students love the easy to follow writing style. A gem!!!!

  2. Richard Waterman June 4, 2013 at 7:26 pm #

    Outstanding Intro to Microeconomics! Well researched, nicely written, and very current. I especially enjoyed the two chapters on the modern corporation and on the economic role of government. The book has an excellent bibliography and a thorough glossary of terms. The author does in just over 200 pages what other authors have taken more than twice that length to do. This book is far better than many of the so-called leading texts in the field.

  3. A.B. Connors May 6, 2013 at 8:17 pm #

    A very well written book, “The Marginal Gospel” contains a clear, easy to follow explanation of all the major microeconomic concepts with numerous up to date examples. It is thorough but not encyclopedic. There is just enough to keep the reader interested as well as informed. I highly recommend this superb piece of work that is aimed at the person who has had no previous exposure to the discipline of economics.

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