New Short Story Collection—New Genre!!—Available on Amazon

An intriguing aspect of time travel plots is how the trip happens: time machine? interdimensional space-time portal? instant teleportation? awakening from a deep sleep? This collection of short stories explores different templates for getting there as well as what happens upon arrival. It also addresses in some hopefully innovative ways to what extent existing events […]

Texas Book Festival, November 4-5, 2017

Book Festival weekend this year was even more spectacular than last year (despite the heat and humidity)! Big name authors (headlined by Meg Gardiner, Michael Hurd, Dan Rather, Tom Hanks, Olga Campos-Benz, Jennifer Ziegler, and many others) from across the country were featured. It was an honor to volunteer at the booth of the Writers […]

Poetry Collection Published

Poems explore nature in both its grandeur and anomalies, locations that offer contentment or anxiety, historical events and their cast of characters, plus unusual experiences. PARTIAL CONTENTS: Colossal Cosmos / When Time Inverted / Michigan Winter / The Black Snake at Standing Rock / Wanted! A Rational Explanation / Self-Absorbed and Device Obsessed / What […]

Just Published……….Available on Amazon

A mix of humor and poignant drama, this collection of short stories touches on myriad facets of human achievement and folly. Childhood innocence, benign mischief, prudent trepidation, uncommon heroism, complex family dynamics, and the art of making crucial decisions are all portrayed with wit and candor. Real and fictional characters come together to shed new […]

Happy Birthday, Mira!

Our granddaughter, Mira Naomi, is 6 months old today! When she sits on my lap and I read to her, she often does not take her eyes off of the book for twenty minutes. Apparently, she already has a longer attention span than some of my former college students. If I sound like an obnoxious […]

Coming in Fall 2017! A New Collection of Poetry

The poems will explore varied themes: fantasies ranging from time travel to the endless quest for happiness, nature in both its grandeur and anomalies, what passes for progress, legacies of the famous and infamous, locations that offer contentment or anxiety, and a retrospective on meaningful experiences. Some poems will examine historical events and their cast […]

My Best Stories — Now Available on Amazon!!

Published by Distant Echo Press, 2017 Available from Carefully selected from over 100 published short stories, this collection offers readers a sample of the written work produced during the career of a talented yet often overlooked author. An astute blend of solemnity and humor, specific topics include unique views on major historical events, small […]